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  2. Rob Rieber at |

    Great interview. We need more smart, truthful reporting like hers. Alex Jones goes a little nuts sometimes but content is what matters most. Keep up the good work. Thanks to people like you and Ms. McAdoo, we are winning.

  3. Randy Sandberg at |

    I have seen LeeAnn quite a bit over the time since she started at Infowars. My constant thought is “Thank God that young people like her exist in the fight for Good.” I totally agree with Rob Rieber’s comment that Alex Jones gets a little nutty sometimes, but what he and his staff put out is excellent.

    And I second the expression of thanks to you and all who are fighting the good fight.

  4. antarctican at |

    “that’s what I want to do. Take those fuckers down!”

    Thanks. Me, too, sister crusader. We need more like you.

  5. Timothy Thomas at |

    Very good content .Lee ann has one super bright future ahead of her.what more could any one ask for ?Smart /intelligent beautiful inside and out and she is pro gun .She is every mans dream girl!!


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